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    Petter Sandvik's Year in the U.S.

    By Owen Kurtiak and Dillon Mulhern

       MOR's Owen Kurtiak sits down with exchange student Petter Sandvik from Norway to look back on his year in the US. Sandvik was featured in an article by Andrea Staples Issue 1. Sandvik was part of the ORHS varsity Soccer Team and stayed with the Carpenter family this past year.



    Echo Thrift

    By Katie Schmitt

       “I'm really proud of what everybody's done. Everyone who comes here, comes and realizes that this is a really unique place and then bring their energy to make it even more unique. That there aren't a lot of places where when you come in you are immediately recognized , immediately welcomed, people are genuinely happy to see you,” says Kate Hanson, member of the steering committee for the Echo Thrift Shop.




    Advice for Finals Week

    By Lydia Concannon

       As finals week approaches you can sense the dreadful anticipation in the students as you walk through the school hallways. They scramble to finish last minute projects and pull all-nighters while studying for tests. This week is known for sending shivers down the spines of high school and college students around the country. With the stress that finals bring it poses the question: How do I survive finals week?




    Undefeated OR Boy’s Tennis Team Drops to Lebanon in the Championship

    By Owen Kurtiak

      “The team was absolutely incredible. It was easily the most fun I've ever had on a sports team,” said Colin Runk (’16), of the Oyster River tennis team.




    How to Handle Long Distance Relationships

    By Liz Paquette

      "Usually when people ask me if they should do a long distance relationship, the first thing I tell them is not to do it, because it sucks. But if you really love each other, then it’s worth it all the way,” said Joe Green (‘16)...




    Soaring Susie

    By Isabelle Todd

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      "It’s a Wednesday afternoon in April and Susie McDonough (‘17) is on her way to her flight lesson. She drives calmly, humming along to the radio through the backroads of the Pease Airport. She pulls up to a large blue warehouse that looks aged on the outside, but once we open the door, the drafty building is full of shiny small aircrafts...



    Out of Play

    By Neville Caulfield

      "After my first surgery it was a little frustrating but I knew I was going back to swimming so I was pretty hopeful. After I found out my legs weren't going to be able to be fixed, it was really, really hard,” said Tessa Oakes, a senior on the swim team at Oyster River High School...




    A New Principal is Chosen

    By Owen Kurtiak

      "Choosing a new principal is a big decision and can sometimes be a hard process, and particularly so at Oyster River. Until Mr. Allen held the position for five years, there had been a lot of turnover at the top. In 2011, Mr. Allen was brought up from the Oyster River Middle School to serve as interim principal until it was made official he would stay. This was unusual in that typically the position had not been filled with an internal candidate...




    The Juicery is Now Open!

    By Jake Gardner

      Opening a Location in Durham [ for The Juicery and The Soupery] has been in the back of my mind for a while. Young and healthy UNH students travel all the way to Portsmouth to have our juices and soups, so when I was approached by the landlord, it was a no brainer,”...




    Prom 2016 Preview

    By Andrea Staples

      Prom is super fun regardless of how into the whole thing you are. Even if you’re not super into dressing up or dancing, there will be so many people there to hangout with and talk to,” says Kristin Short (‘17), member of Oyster River High School’s Prom Committee...



    The Start of a New Season

    By Lydia Concannon




    The Missed Chance

    By Betsy Larson

         I think that it's an awesome idea and opportunity for any Oyster River student who plays football to get the full high school experience and have scholarship opportunities,” says Justin Clothier (‘17), who has been playing football for six years...


    Prompose Like a Pro

    By Dillon Mulhern




    Track Preview 2015

    By Dillon Mulhern

         Even though there are a lot of kids at the Merrimack Valley meet, I think the meet at Coe-Brown really proved that we are contenders,” said Devan McClain (‘18)...





    MOR's Spring Coffee House

    By Isabelle Todd

         It is 6 o’clock on  a Tuesday evening in early April. The sun is slowly setting and the multi purpose room stage at Oyster River High School is filling in with students and staff...



    Advanced PE

    By Betsy Larson

         “It was different than freshman and sophomore PE because everyone wanted to be in the class, there was a choice of taking it or not,” says Keenan Grove (‘15) Oyster River alumni.  “Since everyone wanted to be in it, it was a lot more competitive which was fun.”



    Girl's Hockey 2016

    By Betsy Larson

       “It's discouraging when you lose games not because you’re less skilled but because your skating whole periods at a time,” says Susie McDonough (‘17) Oyster River girls hockey player. “Hockey is a really fast paced game. A normal shift should be no longer than a minute and a half. There were games that our team didn't even want to play. That shouldn't happen.”...



    Born in the USA

    By Luna Cuervo

       Clammy hands, racing heart beats and nervous eyes surround the backstage in the auditorium as the models prepare to walk down the stage at the annual prom fashion show...



    How Well Do You Know Me?

    By Owen Kurtiak

        “My partner, Laurel, and I have what it takes to win because we've known each other for so long and we are always together, we tell each other everything,” said contestant in this year’s Besties Baes and Bros, Phoebe Lovejoy (19’)...



    One Act

    By Liz Paquette

        “We’re pretty set. We know our lines, our stage directions, we’re ready. We’re going to make it this year,” said Matt Nixon (‘18), part of the technical crew for the One Act play Check, Please!...



    ORHS Seniors Voting in Primary

    By Jessie Stelter

         “I think it’s important for young people to vote, because not only do we make up a significant part of the population, but we really determine where the future of this country is heading,” says Oyster River student Cara Greenwald (‘16)...



    Vote 'Yes' on March 8th

    By Neville Caulfield

         “This will be a facility that everyone in town can use: students, neighbors, and retirees.  Once it is complete, it will be a place that is alive and dynamic.  I think that today we often fail to build the community spaces that bind a community together, but this will help do that,” said Robert Sullivan, leader of Go Vote..."


    By Isabelle Todd

         “I have never talked to a Kindergarten teacher who has not loved the change,” says Mast Way Kindergarten teacher Michelle Parsons...




    Live from New Hampshire...

    By Dillon Mulhern

         “This land is not for profit that's [expletive], get off it,” chants ran through the frigid February air like battle cries. A wall of security held off a sea of Bernie Sanders supporters, so many that you forgot that it was a two candidate debate...




    Swimming and Diving State Championship

    By Lydia Concannon

         “It was a huge reward. All that hard work that we put in finally payed off. During the finals, there were so many people cheering. I felt we really came together as a team,” says ORHS swimmer Jordan Zercher (‘19)...



    February Vacation

    By Andrea Staples

            "The anticipation is building amongst Oyster River High School’s student body as they count the days until they will be rewarded with a week of no 6:00 a.m. alarms, no stress, and most importantly: no school...



    Runners Up

    By Owen Kurtiak

            "Everybody did what was expected of them and more, and although we didn't get the state title, we had a very successful day," said winner of the 1000m (2:57.28) and 1500m (4:41.26), Maegan Doody ('16)...



    Electives Fair

    By Katie Schmitt

         "The benefit behind offering so many electives is so that we can appeal to a wide variety of students,” says Kim Sekera, counselor at Oyster River High School. The electives fair offered at Oyster River gives students the opportunity...



    Election How-To

    By Liz Paquette

         “It’s important to start early, these politicians make choices that are very important to things that affect everyone’s lives, and the earlier that someone can learn about the issues and be involved, all the better,” said Matthew Pappas, citizenship education teacher...


    Winter Blues

    By Lydia Concannon

            During the long months of winter many people struggle to keep their sanity. In New England it seems as though the snow will never disappear...



    Is College Worth It?

    By Jake Garner

           We have all had that pep-talk from our parents and teachers on how we must do well in high school in order to go to a good college once we graduate - and that’s probably what the majority of us will do...



    By Betsy Larson

         “I grind my teeth, I clench my jaw, it makes me feel anxious, and I can tell my heart feels a little funny,” says Karen VanDyke, social studies teacher at Oyster River High School. Stress is a feeling that consumes the minds of many teens, students and even adults...



    Walker's Tree Farm

    By Betsy Larson

         “When you create that tradition, you won’t want to go back to a pre cut place,” states Ian Merrill, worker, new owner, and grandson of the former owner, of Walker’s Tree Farm in Madbury, NH...

    DIY Christmas Gifts

    By Andrea Staples

         As you flip your calendar to December, you realize that the holiday season has come upon us. Suddenly stress creeps in as you also realize that this time of year means lots of gifts… gifts that you need to get people. What is a poor high schooler to do?...



    Turkey Trot

    By Neville Caulfield

          For most, Thanksgiving is a day to catch up with family, to be thankful for all that we have, and to eat to the point of bursting.  For others, they have something else in mind...



    Twelve Angry Jurors

    By Owen Kurtiak

         The lights faded, curtains closed, and it was time for opening night of the fall play. Oyster River High School's drama department puts on a fall play every year...



    Harvest Moon Festival

    By Lydia Concannon

          “When you attend the Harvest Moon Festival every cent of the ticket sales goes directly to helping families.  We hope that the event is a place where everyone feels welcome and has a good time listening to the music and knowing that they are contributing to a good cause,” says a member of Oyster River Womenade...



    As the voice of Oyster River High School students, Mouth of the River staff had the pleasure of covering Mr. Brewer's brilliance: from Michael A. Beland's article in 1997 to Trevor Oakes' story in 2013...


    Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

    By Andrea Staples

    “My favorite aspect was just how incredible the moon looked,” says Ben Chamberlain (16’).

        On Sunday September 27th, the first super moon total lunar eclipse in 33  years was visible from much of the world, including Durham, NH...


    2015 Boys XC Season Preview

    By Neville Caufield

    In any sport, it’s known that one performance does not define the ability of a team.  The Oyster River Boys Cross Country team proved this theory in 2014 when they lost the state title, placing not second, but fourth in the state meet. They came back just weeks later at the Meet of Champions, and at the New England Championship meet to beat all teams that placed ahead of them at their state meet...


    Varsity Volleyball vs St. Thomas

    By Katie Schmitt

    With the completion of the first set of the game, Oyster River Girls Volleyball remain dominant, 25-20, over St. Thomas, but there are still two sets to go...


    Oh Deer!

    By Jake Garner

    Thursday afternoon, September 17th, a physical education class witnessed a deer run out of the woods, across the athletics field, and hit two parked cars in the the lower senior parking lot...


    Journalism Workshop

    By Jake Garner

    “If someone walks away from today and says, ‘I know for sure I do not want to do this,’ then we’ve succeeded. If someone walks away saying, ‘ Wow, this is exactly what I thought it was going to be like,’ and they’re excited about it, then we’ve succeeded too,”...


    Senior Night

    By Isabelle Todd

    Giving up two hours on a school night is not something most high school seniors can fit into their busy schedule. “Trying to balance school work, volunteer groups, work, voice lessons, and AP classes, I barely have time to breathe, never mind write six supplement essays,” says...


    The Hack Shack Maker Space

    By Liz Paquette

    Have you ever wanted or needed access to a 3D printer, sewing machine, programmable robots or any other kinds of equipment? Well look no further than the new Hack Shack Maker Space in the Oyster River High School Library work room...


    Mr. Bobcat 2015

    By Owen Kurtiak and Betsy Larson

    The lights in the auditorium dimmed and chatter among the audience stopped as their attention focused on the sixteen senior boys walking out to begin the show...